What services are offered?

>Rent, buy, or pick my brain<

“Tina transformed a stressful, daunting task into an easy,
stress-free and very satisfying experience.”

Rick Anderson, Principle, Fish and Richardson

The Core Services

Are you looking to RENT a property in London?


London’s renting market is a maze. Many properties are simply overpriced and/or landlords fail to care about what they are renting out. I see it like this: people are renting a ‘home’ and that’s what I specialise in.

Estate agents want to get the best price for their landlords. I strive to get the best price for my clients, the applicants. My aim is to always secure the right value for the property and not adhere to inflated rentals.

Renting in London can be frustrating and a long process. There are many stumbling blocks but I assure you that enlisting my help will make this a very easy and smooth transition. Through my good relationships with estate agents and numerous other contacts I get to see the best properties, often before they come to market.

Additionally, if you are relocating as a family, I pride myself in finding you a home within a day or so. This will enable you to have a London address so you can start to secure schools for your children. Without an address you cannot apply for schools.

Let’s first clear up a big misconception, which is that property finders like me only take on clients with a large monthly rental budget. This is a myth.

I’ve helped individuals and couples secure great flats in central London with a weekly rent of between £300-£350.

Finding the right property at a fair price is not the only challenge. Is the area any good? Is it safe? Who’s managing the property? What’s the landlord like? Don’t understand the tenancy agreement? Will there be problems with neighbours? How to deal with paying council tax and utility bills?

These are all questions I can help with and every client has access to me for the duration of their tenancy agreement should issues arise that cannot be resolved between tenant and landlord. That’s because I’m a big believer in after sales service!

Mostly, (not always) the estate agency will waiver the administration costs to my clients which can range anywhere between £150-£450. This is a substantial saving which I’m always keen to obtain for my clients. This makes the fee I charge you even more attractive.

Often, at the end of the tenancy agreement clients have wanted my help with possibly negotiating a longer stay or indeed needing to get out of their contract early. They know they can always pick up the phone to me! The point is you have an ally in me you can call on.

Worried? Not rented before? I hold hands (not literally) but will assist in every aspect of the transaction at all times. We only part once you’ve moved into your rented home and have no further need for my service.

Why not read about the experience of previous clients.

Are you looking to BUY a property in London?


Many properties these days are no longer advertised on the internet or with estate agents. They are off-market and it helps to have good relationships with agents to get first viewings.

Going through the process of buying a property can be extremely complex and stressful for many people, especially for first time buyers!

Often sellers start off asking too much for their property. As a result the majority are forced to reduce their guide price. All clients want to pay as little as possible for a property and I’m here to negotiate hard on your behalf. Sometimes I can achieve a good reduction, other times in order to get the desired property my clients are willing to pay a premium.

In any case, having a buying agent on your side is always a big advantage and can sway the seller to choose you over another prospective buyer.

The London property market is moving so fast that unless one is constantly on top of it, someone else will snap up that gorgeous apartment that’s just coming available. After finding the ideal property there’s still a long road to putting in an offer, being accepted and moving towards exchange and completion.

I offer the full buying service, where I see the project through from brief to completion of the purchase and everything in between. I help negotiate, liaise with solicitors, surveyors, mortgage lenders and any other parties involved in the process.

As a former interior designer who still works closely with an architect I’m also happy to help with advice on any property refurbishment and/or renovations.

Do you want to PICK MY BRAIN and ask me lots of questions?


• Are you thinking about moving to London?
• Have you just moved to London?
• Do you need help with deciding whether to buy or rent?
• Do you want help with deciding which area to live in?
• Are you unclear how to navigate the property market and what to look out for?
• Do you have questions around daily living in London?
• Do you want to fast-track to being a Londoner?
• Advice on food, cultural matters, edgy and hidden London, what’s new and worth seeing, what and where to shop?
• Would you like someone on speed dial so you can ask lots of questions?
• Do you see benefits in getting advice from an expert? (living in London for the past 37 years)

If you’ve answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, this is definitely right for you!

As a designer, creative thinker, foodie & health advocate, blogger, mover and shaker, connector, entrepreneur and above all ‘curious mind’, I’m happy to share my vast experience.

All you need to do is send me a short email outlining what you would like to pick my brain on. Then you can decide whether you want to buy 1 or 2 hours of my time. We can have a phone call or SKYPE and I will follow up with a tailored report so you have everything handy.
That’s it!

How does it all work?