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Today, I have another my library post for you. I saw this book being announced by the wonderful Gestalten and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The title gives it away. Designing Patterns: For Decoration, Fashion and Graphics by Lotta Kühlhorn.

Now, raise your hands if you love colours, patterns, graphics or fashion. Maybe, like me, you like them all. Another question. Who would like to learn the ins and outs of how to design patterns—for everything from wallpaper to tea services? Meeeeee! Well, all I will say is that you’re in for a treat!

With all things Nordic being so in vogue, it comes as no surprise that this book is by one of Scandinavia’s most prominent pattern designers. Lotte Kühlhorn has created work for a wide range of products—from book covers to coffee sets.

You may think of Nordic furniture as minimalistic and functional.. well I do, but that’s a completely different story when it comes to textiles, ceramics, and wallpapers. They are usually rich in colours and patterns.

…. come and take a peek inside this glorious book!

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

This book is a educational, practical and a total feast for the eyes. It’s full of advice, photographs, personal anecdotes and makes me want to stop everything and start designing patterns. I love that Lotta shares so much – what inspires her, how she works, how to use the most common techniques for creating patterns.

You ‘ll find sections on ‘Inspiration’, ‘the Way I Work’ and ‘Patterns’.

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

There is a plethora of examples and explanations of all different facets in designing patterns that can be used for fields such as textile, paper, and product design.

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

Designing Patterns | Lotta Kühlhorn - Colourliving

Best of all the book includes suggestions for ten projects to get us started designing our own patterns. The templates for these projects can be found on the CD-ROM that accompanies the book. Bingo! I’m off designing patterns now!

Another gem in my Library.

Lotta Kühlhorn—Home Swede Home from Gestalten on Vimeo.

All images are ‘By Lotta Kühlhorn, from Designing Patterns, Copyright Gestalten 2014″ and photographed by me from my own copy of the book.

20 responses to “my library – designing patterns: for decoration, fashion and graphics”

  1. OOH this makes me miss my designing days too Tina. I have yet to think of a little niche and quite probably take that huge leap (for me anyway) into the world that is photoshop!!! Thanks for the intro-love it! xx

    • tina says:

      Whenever I read book like these I want to stop everything, get my sketchbooks out and start designing……
      Darling, start small. May I suggest skillshare? You can learn at your own pace and start from scratch.
      It will change a lot for you, a bit like going from iphone to camera:-))
      Anyway, everything you tackle is great.. xx

  2. The book is so colourful, wonderful and full of the most amazing patterns. I can see why it’s got your creative juices flowing. Look forward to seeing the patterns you create. A great addition to your library Tina. Xx

    • tina says:

      Hahaha. Don’t hold me to the pattern designs just yet, but definitely want to gibe it a go!

      I couldn’t wait for the book. Another beautiful gem from the oh so great Gestalten. xx

  3. Uh-oh… another book I need to add to my wish list!

    • tina says:

      If you’re going to study Graphic Design this is a great book. Hope you’ll like it and welcome to Colourliving!

  4. This book looks awesome! Beautiful eye candy for inspiring you over and over. I love reading about what inspires others. Happy weekend T xx

    • tina says:

      Just very you my darling…. great eye candy but also great inspiration oh how to do it and what inspires Lotta.
      Thanks Leah xx

  5. Anya Jensen says:

    Hey Tina, this one look great – I have many pattern books, I always seem to think I should be designing wallpaper/fabric, I then read a book, get very inspired and then it stops there ha ha. I might get this one – great stuff. Happy Monday Axx

    • tina says:

      Hey you…. Hahaha, I sooo know what you mean:-) LOL
      But why stop here, right… AND from a fellow Scandi??? It’s really beautiful but it’s not just simply pretty pictures, it actually explains the how, where and what! Happy Monday sweets xx

  6. So in Stockholm we visited a company called ‘Bemz’ where we were asked to design our own cushion. I was defeated from the outset and instead played around with my design for a Dolly cushion (it was so tacky). It reinforced for me the fact that I don’t enjoy crafts and cutting and glue and sowing 😉

    Maybe I need to read this book. Who knows… I might become the crafts loving type one day!

    Thanks for sharing Tina xx

    • tina says:

      Hahahahahahahahaha. As soon as you said ‘Bemz’, I knew what was coming! Hahahahaha.
      Oh, that Dolly cushion (a sore sight:-) LOL

      Well, you know, it’s always good to know what we’re not good at, as well as the areas we excel in:-))

      Errr, not sure this is a book for you, but thought you would appreciate the origin of Lotta.
      Hahaha, still laughing… xx

  7. Michaela says:

    From one pattern fanatic to another, this book looks wonderful. How much would I like to own the dress that Lotta has in the photo – stunning! xx Michaela

    • tina says:

      Oh, hello you fellow pattern friend!!! This is a gem and you would drool over it.

      Yes, agrees, that dress is stunning!!! x

  8. Alison Sye says:

    Looks like another wonderful book. I especially like the image of Lotta in the floral print, hanging up the floral dress, against the floral wallpaper.

    • tina says:

      I think the Book is wonderful.
      That image is a total winner, in every way. It should clash, right?

  9. Doris says:

    I love it when you showcase your books, it’s like going to an ultra exclusive design library. This book is another winner. Thanks Doris

  10. tina says:

    Hahaha. That made me laugh! Glad you like it x

  11. Holly says:

    Another intriguing book in the Tina Library of Amazingness! So cool that the book is also practical. So have you been having fun with patterns then? We should create a pattern together when you come to Berlin. I think it could be a fun exercise. You start with an element, I add the next one, then you, then me and so on … and see what happens!

    Great photos, and thanks for sharing the video too. Love that page on the Periodic Table of Patterns :)


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