cliveden house

Hello. Happy bank holiday to my UK readers. It’s good to be back.

Thank you for all the heartfelt Birthday messages. I had a magical day. Part of the celebrations took us to the stunning Cliveden House in in the heart of the Berkshire countryside. Surrounded by 376 acres of incredible National Trust managed Grade I listed formal gardens and parkland, it was the perfect spot for Afternoon Tea and a long walk.

We were truly lucky with the weather on the day. Mostly sunny with not even a drop of rain, it made everything look and feel even more beautiful. Of course, I was off duty. Nonetheless, I snapped a few pics to share with you a little of my special day. I hope you enjoy it!

Upon arriving at the gates, you follow the gravel drive all the way to the House. This is what greets you. The most magnificent Fountain of Love.

Clivden House - colourliving

You continue round the corner following the signs for House Guests.

Clivden House - colourliving

Clivden House - colourliving

We just arrived in time for our Afternoon Tea booking. Set in the beautiful Great Hall, it was truly scrumptious. A true treat.

Clivden House - colourliving

Clivden House - colourliving

At the back and surrounding the House there are some wonderful terraces. Great for functions, like this one here.

Clivden House - colourliving

I loved this isolated tree.

Clivden House - colourliving

This is the panoramic view from the back of the house. You can see for miles. Imagine the care that goes into up keeping the gardens. Apparently there are 15 full-time gardeners and a whooping 200 volunteers who keep all the gardens and woodlands in tact and looking like this. Fascinating.

Clivden House - colourliving

Clivden House - colourliving

There are so many different routes to take that you’d need a full day or two to explore everything. With more time we could have got lost in the Maze, which opened in 2011.

Cliveden House - colourliving

A little gate led to this….

Clivden House - colourliving

Nearing sunset, the sun was beaming down on one side and made everything look golden.

Clivden House - colourliving

Clivden House - colourliving

The shadows of the trees were making the most stunning reflections.

Clivden House - colourliving

Clivden House - colourliving

Not everything is beautifully manicured. Personally I love the woodlands best. There’s something unruly about it that appeals to my nature. When I return I’d like to explore more of the woodlands, the wilder Cliveden, with its wealth of walks throughout the estate including a Fitness Trail.

Clivden House - colourliving

I haven’t been to Cliveden House for many many years so it was brilliant to be back. Last time was in my 20′s. It’s being revamped. The international staff were most friendly and helpful and we spent some wonderful few hours there.

Every year I know that just after my Birthday we’re going into Autumn. Sometimes it comes quicker, sometimes we still get a couple of weeks that feel like summer. I think my actual Birthday was the last day of summer and there definitely was a chill in the air on the very next day.

I hope you’ve all had a good summer break and maybe a holiday or two. September is one of my favourite months. It’s going to be a very busy one for me. See you Thursday.


the big 5-0 and what i’ve learned so far

Hello! I’m signing off today for a couple of weeks as I think I deserve a little break:-) I’m also launching a new project in September, which I can’t wait to share with you nearer the time.

In other news, I’m celebrating reaching half a century next Wednesday. #tinasjubilee has finally arrived and yes, I’m emotionally ready. I was thinking how best to mark this milestone here on the blog and decided to list 50 lessons life has taught me so far.

50th final

1. Make peace with your past so it doesn’t screw up the present.
2. Life isn’t always fair, but it’s still damn good.
3. Despite what you might have heard, you can create your own life.
4. Having affairs is just not worth it.
5. To truly love someone you must first learn to love yourself.
6. Mindfulness is the key to so many doors.
7. Don’t compare your life to others. Strive to be unique and forge out your own path.
8. Chasing fame is unsatisfactory. Chase meaning and purpose.
9. What doesn’t kill you sure does make you stronger.
10. What goes up must come down.
11. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.
12. You don’t have to always win every argument. Agree to disagree.
13. Religion is an easy way out. Create your own life manual.
14. Do what you love every day.
15. Compromise is underrated.
16. Patience is a true virtue.
17. It comes to those who work hard.
18. It’s good to talk.
19. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
20. Time heals almost everything. Give time the time it deserves.
21. Forgive everyone everything.
22. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.
23. Make your life as colourful as possible.
24. Live in the present. It’s the best place to be.
25. Mindless consumerism is just another addiction. Seek inner fulfillment instead.
26. Empathy is the lifeline to every relationship.
27. We are all just people.
28. Children get only one childhood. It’s the foundation for the rest of their lives.
29. Prevention is better than reaction.
30. Be gracious, be humble and remember your roots.
31. Be an eternal student.
32. It’s definitely quality over quantity.
33. It’s good to cry. Having a witness is even better.
34. ‘A life unexamined is a life not worth living’ is the best quote ever.
35. Life is short. Make it your priority.
36. Curiosity is the gateway to an exciting life.
37. Respect the elderly. They have a lot to teach us.
38. Beauty comes and goes. Invest in values and wisdom instead.
39. Go and find your tribe.
40. There was life before the internet. Seek it out.
41. Gather an emotional toolbox. It will come handy.
42. Give time, not money.
43. Wholesome food is a great healer.
44. Knowledge is power.
45. A woman comes into her own at 40.
46. Be ‘playful’ and ‘childish’ at any age.
47. The best is still to come. Make every year your best year yet.
48. Learn from mistakes. Repeating them is not wise.
49. Vulnerability shows strength.
50. ‘Love’ is the answer to life and it comes in many disguises.

We’ve had a gorgeous summer in London and I’m not yet ready to give it up. Hope you’re all having a fab time, wherever you are.

Meanwhile I’ll still be hanging out on Instagram and Twitter. See you back here on Monday 25th August. So long friends! x


the cornershop

I love a good story. You’re in for a treat as this is a great story!

Artist Lucy Sparrow uses felt and wool to make art. But it’s not just some ‘lovely, gorgeous, fun and pretty’ sewing stuff, no it’s rather a clever and playful way to ‘tackle (often collaboratively) some of realities of contemporary living, dealing with issues concerning the politics of consumerism, social exclusion and mental wellbeing’.

After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, Lucy has just unveiled a 7-months long project to create an entire cornershop out of felt for the whole of August. It will then move to Brighton in October 2014.

Lucy questions the British consumption landscape, and the demise of our cornershops as spaces not only for consumption but also for community building. The strategic use of this cornershop, in an area increasingly genrtrified, also aids to try and rebuild some of the community relations.

The cornershop officially opened on Friday 1st August at 6pm. I got there just after lunch on Friday and want to thank Lucy (charming, bubbly and very astute) and everyone helping out that day for allowing me to come in to take photographs, despite frantically putting finishing touches to everything before 500 guests descended on the shop that evening. EVERYTHING in the shop has been hand-stitched. All 4000+ products. WOW!

When you visit you can take a clip board with an order form and note down the items you would like to order. For those who can’t visit the shop, hop over to the online shop where you can buy most things. If you don’t see the item you want online, drop Lucy a line. From what I understand, Lucy has already been inundated with orders, so patience is in order! (note to myself)


Meet Lucy.

Lucy outside her cornershop. Everything is stitched, even the sign outside.

Look at the till, which looks even better from the front. And that charity collection tin.

I wanted to show you how much detail goes onto a piece.

There were too many people for me to take shots of the entire shop. Here’s some shelving.

Sweets anyone?

Kit Kat.



Digestive biscuits.

I endorse this sort of ‘save’ drinking!

Beck’s canned beer.

Teachers whisky | Gordon’s gin.

The mandatory Heinz condiments.

Heinz tomato ketchup.

Heinz salad cream.

Some soft drinks.

Diet coke.

And as expected, cigarettes and tobacco behind the till.

Cigarettes and Tobacco.

Now, you will agree that every respected household will need some K-Y Jelly and some Durex.

K-Y Jelly.

Durex flavoured condoms | Durex extra safe condoms

To fight any flu or cold.

Lemsip max.

The newspapers and magazines were one of my favourite products. Lucy does sell these, although they are currently not listed in the online shop. Please inquire for prices.





There was a chiller cabinet full of frozen foods, refrigerated foods and of course a chiller cabinet full of ice creams.

Mr. Freeze ice poles.

I just LOVED my visit to the cornershop. I hope the opening night was a blast. If you’re in London, try and pay a visit to the shop. For all others, do peruse the online shop.

I can’t wait to return, get involved in some community spirit and decide what product I want first. I might just have to order a special commission.

The Cornershop
1st – 31st August
19 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green
London, E2 7BB

Open everyday 10am – 7pm


the pleasure of an allotment

Hook Farm in Kent has been around since after the war. It’s a special place, cut off from main traffic and overlooking fields with horses. There are approximately 25 plots and as you would expect, a real sense of community. My partner and his family have had various plots there for over 25 years.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

On the weekend we went to the bi-annual BBQ, where everyone brings food and drinks and has a good catch up. Armed with my camera I snapped a few pics to show you how harmonious a space like this can be for everyone and everything living together.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

So, let’s meet some of the chickens. I love this sign that shows their names (made entirely by my partner’s dad who used to be in hand lettering, before the days of computers.)

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Happily roaming around and loving the leftovers of the BBQ they were given.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

The plastic tag on the chicken leg below corresponds to their names on the wooden planks.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

This bug hutch was build to encourage bugs, part of the food chain. I also happen to think it’s rather beautiful.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

This is one stylish chicken coop. Inside they’ve put rods for them to sleep on. Chickens like to roost just off the ground, like they would do if they lived in the wild.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Aren’t these teasles just a beauty?

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Anyone help me out with the name of this flower???

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Gorgeous roses!

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Susan, the Bee keeper has 11 hives. I was chatting to her about bees and could have listened for hours. They are the most fascinating creatures.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Some luscious vegetables. Love red chard.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Look at these courgettes with their much sought after flowers.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Fancy some red cabbage?

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

There’s even a resident owl living in the dead tree, here below. Of course, he was retired as it was day time. And they have 3 ponds for frogs.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Some allotment owners have signs like these. WANT!

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

You’ll find fruit, like these grapes.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

The mandatory apples. There were also quite a few pear trees.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Plums anyone?

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Wild blackberries. Just love them. I recently paired them with some fresh flowers.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Meet Basil. Resident flower pot man!

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

A water tank. That’s as good as the plumbing gets.

Hook Farm allotment - colourliving

Being an urban chick I just love going there and pretending I’m in the wild. It’s therapeutic, beautiful and best of all I get to eat a lot of the produce. I call this a result!! But let’s be real for a moment. Having an allotment plot and keeping an allotment site takes a hell of a lot of hard work.

Hope you’ll have a good weekend. x


vive la différence – charles & ray eames

I’m always surprised how quickly a month goes by. We’re nearly in August, schools have broken off for the summer and the big 50 is looming large. Meanwhile, we have another Vive la Différence post. Great news!

I’m excited to feature Katy Orme who writes the blog Apartment Apothecary. An interior design and crafts blog, Katy suggests design and craft ideas and gives out helpful tips for getting your living space just the way you want it. She lives in Bermondsey, London.

For new readers:

The concept: each month I will invite one blogger. They will create and showcase one image/vignette. There are 20 themes and 20 objects for my guest to choose from. They choose 1 theme and up to 3 objects. I will then create an image/vignette based on their choice. Everyone has free reign on how to create the image. It can be simple photography, a drawing, a collage, a hand-painted image, a styled table top… the choice is yours! The fun part is that you, my readers, will see 2 versions inspired by the same subject matter. There is no right or wrong. There’s just ‘different’.

Katy chose the theme: Charles & Ray Eames…. with the objects: Art Supplies.  Here is Katy’s Vignette.

I was so excited and honoured when Tina asked me to be part of her Vive La Différence series as I love a creative challenge. I very quickly latched onto the Eames theme as I am interiors obsessed and I decided to step out of my comfort zone, inspired by Tina’s artistic flair, and use art supplies to represent the theme as each piece of furniture is a work of art in itself.

I started by thinking about what has made Eames furniture stand out as iconic art pieces that have grown in popularity since the 1940′s. I looked at my own Eames desk chair from different angles and it struck me that the shape and form of the chairs are recognisable by anybody, from any angle, even just a silhouette; you can’t say that about many pieces of furniture.

So, I decided to focus on the silhouette and I drew (I can’t draw to save my life!) a really basic outline of three different Eames chairs, that I love, from different angles. I then transferred the sketch onto lino to make a stamp, which was my first attempt at lino cutting. I always try to make useful things so I stamped a set of postcards. I just hope you can recognise each of the silhouettes!

Katy Orme - Charles & Ray Eames - VLD

I’ve had a fascination with Charles & Ray Eames what seems forever. I remember when I bought my Hang it All many moons ago. It was the very first design piece and I still love it.

My Vignette has been inspired by the excellent Documentary EAMES: The Architect and the Painter I first saw when it was released back in 2011. I was mesmerised. Until then I knew that the Eames were a creative duo, that they build Eames House and that their chairs were iconic. The documentary shows us the Eames world in it’s entirety, from their iconic Eames Office, the incredible portfolio of work, to their marriage and all facets of their personalities.. I’ve re-watched it numerous times since.

The skeleton of my piece is based around the side view of Eames House (with some artistic licence). In it I tried to celebrate the many different disciplines this design duo undertook. I’m sharing with you some of my favourite pieces and quotations. I also wanted to highlight that I’m not in favour of buying fakes. I know it’s a controversial subject, but I feel quite strongly about it.

The soft padded chair (bottom left) is my absolute favourite office chair in the world. As I wouldn’t buy a fake, I’m still saving the pennies. I once saw a yellow leather one in someone’s home office and have never forgotten it. I’m still hunting for that one.

The pencil drawing of the Eames Lounger is representing the required ‘Art Materials’.

Tina Bernstein - Charles & Ray Eames - VLD

Images clockwise from top:

Charles and Ray Eames with ampersand and exclamation point, (1962). © Eames Office, LLC 2011.
Drawing of Eames Lounge, Google images.
Eames Soft Pad chair in white: Herman Miller.
For authentic Eames products go to Herman Miller and Vitra. If you love everything Eames, then take a look at the Eames official site and the Eames shop.

It remains for me to thank Katy for taking part and trying her hand at Lino cutting. I love your stamps and can’t wait for my very own postcard to arrive in the post!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m always so amazed at the creativity of my guest’s Vignettes. It might look easy, but it’s not (ask them). My consolation is that everyone without fail tells me how much they’ve enjoyed the challenge. And all of you challenge me in return. I’d say that’s a result! So thanks to all of you that have participated.


deliciously ella – supper club

As someone very health conscious I’ve been a fan of Deliciously Ella for a while now. It’s always nice to see people, passionate about helping others to make better eating choices. You don’t have to agree with all of them but sure enough you will learn new stuff on the way.

Ella focuses on whole, plant-based foods and she makes it all look very yummy. She graduated from St Andrews with a Masters in Art History in May 2013 and has  a best-selling app, is launching her cookbook early next year and teaches cooking classes. Her blog and IG feed are super popular.

A couple of months ago, Ella announced on IG she was doing some supper clubs with her own food at special locations. I was curious so booked myself a place. Last night saw the first of these events.

Meet Ella.

deliciously ella - colourliving

The evening took place at Paradise – by way of Kensal Green, a rather nice restaurant and drinking bar. For those, not necessarily interested in healthy food, here are shots of the interior which I hope will inspire.

deliciously ella - colourliving
The tables were beautifully set with each one getting a goodie bag.

deliciously ella - colourliving
I loved the rustic look of the place. It felt very inviting and the staff very super nice and helpful.

deliciously ella - colourliving
Got to love that horse!

deliciously ella - colourliving
There were numerous lamp shades that took my fancy.

deliciously ella - colourliving
You were able to order all sorts of drinks and cocktails. For me, this cucumber, mint and raspberry water was just what I needed to keep my hydrated.

Tucked away in one corner was a beautiful free standing screen. I just loved the treatment on it.

deliciously ella - colourliving

deliciously ella - colourliving

The decor in the main restaurant was really beautiful. Lots of amazing lights and I really liked the idea of all these corks in the cage.

deliciously ella - colourliving

deliciously ella - colourliving

There’s also a great outside space, especially wonderful in this weather.

deliciously ella - colourliving

What I really enjoyed was to see a room of about 70 people, some came in pairs or groups, others on their own. I sat at a table of 6 and my fellow female diners were a real eclectic bunch of different personalities and walks of life. It made for a most interesting and entertaining evening.

The Menu:

Rice paper wraps with mango dipping sauce
Cucumber & avocado rolls
Beetroot hummus & carrot sticks
All served family style, for tables to share

Coconut Thai curry with brown rice
Marinated kale salad with sweet potato wedges
Carrot, ginger & coconut soup with sautéed mushrooms

Mango & cashew nut mousse with toasted pecans
Sweet potato brownies with coconut icing

The food, as expected, was delicious but difficult to photograph in only candle lit light and with a bunch of women who could hardly wait to tuck in.

deliciously ella - colourliving
Cucumber & avocado rolls

deliciously ella - colourliving
Beetroot hummus & carrot sticks

deliciously ella - colourliving
Mango & cashew nut mousse with toasted pecans

deliciously ella - colourliving
Sweet potato brownies with coconut icing

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Ella is as beautiful as she is nice. Completely genuine, talented and very sweet, I wish her the best of luck in her journey which has already taken her to incredible heights. Thank you for a great evening, for delicious food and for stimulating conversations with the lovely bunch of ladies at my table. Oh, fret not, I spotted quite a few gentlemen too.

Have a good weekend everyone x


magnum celebrates 25 years in selfridges

Phew. Is it hot enough for everyone in the UK? Have you survived that incredible thunderstorm on Thursday night? Wow!!! Do you feel a story coming on? Yes, of course you do.

Apologies, I did not have my camera on me that day, but am sure (by the end of this) you will agree it’s better to blog about this having taken iPhone 5 pics than nothing at all!

Well, in between meetings, whilst in the West End, I decided to pass Selfridges and see what’s new in their superb window displays. Got to love their window displays. As I approached I was faced with this huge Magnum ice cream sculpture. Intrigued I wanted to know more….

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Why is Selfridges displaying Magnum ice cream? I turned the corner to look at further displays…. ah, it all became clear in a flash!

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

So, if Magnum is celebrating 25 years at Selfridges, there must be something fun going on. Let me investigate. It was hot, humid, I had some time and I’m always up for a bit of fun and a great idea. Low and behold, they transformed the much loved Wonder Room into an exciting Magnum ice cream parlour (a la Selfridges).

Let the theatre begin. I have to tell you that more likely than not there will be a queue, so be prepared. This is theatre, after all, so every part of it is important. While you queue you can admire the little Magnum sculptures in the vitrines.

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Next, you are greeted by a member of the Magnum team, dressed impeccably in a brown and beige uniform. You get told what happens when it’s your turn and the excitement builds. More displays while you move along the queue.

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving
Cocoa beans.

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving
Gold Feuillantine

And then the big moment arrives! You are next. Here goes: you choose between vanilla and chocolate/caramel naked ice cream. Then you’re asked to choose 3 or 4 toppings. I chose Almond Flakes, Hazelnuts, Honeycomb and Silver Feuillantine.

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Then the dipping starts. Choices are white, milk and dark chocolate. I chose dark chocolate. Marcel, an expert kept me in suspense. What next?

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

The box and the toppings are applied.

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Now, the best part. Once again, you can select from white, milk and dark chocolate which Marcel expertly drizzled on top of it all and to finish off, here is the Magnum Signature.

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Voilà. That’s it. There are specially designed wooden tables supplied to eat your piece of art!

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving 

Roll the drums…… the moment you all have been waiting for. My very own Magnum ice cream. Too good to eat, right?

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

There were so many different concoctions that I decided to photograph my neighbours’ one for you before she devoured it. For white chocolate lovers!

Magnum celebrates 25 years in Selfridges - colourliving

Not one with a sweet tooth, this was certainly a sugar fest. But, hey, what a wonderful marketing campaign. Pure theatre, pure joy for young and old and all this for a mere £4.50. So, if you fancy your very own version, go and pay a visit to Selfridges because this is a true ice cream eating experience. Make sure to use the hashtag #magnumxselfridges for all your Social Media.

Happy 25th Birthday Magnum and thank you for the fun!

Magnum at Selfridges
The Concept Store
Oxford Street, London

30 June – 30 August


igloo flowers

Wow. A week of sunshine in London. What better way than grab food, sit in parks, buy flowers and be merry.

Summer is here and flowers are in abundance. One little shop I’m a big fan of is Igloo Flowers on Bermondsey Street.  A little gem of a street with lots of fantastic eateries and shops and the wonderful Fashion and Textile Museum.

What I really like about Igloo Flowers is that they are a florist and delicatessen all in one. Many of you know I’m not a fan of many florists as I prefer wild flowers. But Igloo do it differently. Pre-wrapped, well priced and completely unpretentious, people pick up a bunch while they’re getting coffee or sitting in for a little snack.

Really love their facade. It’s very inviting.

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Inside it’s dark and moody, but look at this wonderful painting on the back wall!

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Loving the copper pots hanging off the ceiling and those lights, yum! Oh, and the food is delicious too.

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

But foremost I wanted to leave you with flowers. There’s something really wonderful about getting a bunch of fresh flowers. the colours and smell will brighten up any home and soul.

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Igloo Flowers - Colourliving

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope the sun is shining for you wherever you are……. see you Monday x


villa béatrice ephrussi de rothschild 2

My regular readers would remember my post from earlier this year when I visited Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild in the pouring rain. As promised I returned in full sunshine and, unsurprisingly, loved every second of roaming around the grounds and gardens.

Being so hot and sunny I decided to spent the time I had outside, taking in the beauty and sheer opulence of this amazing Villa and its surrounding gardens.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

There are ornamental sculptures galore, but these here caught my eye.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving
The green mosaic pavement is stunning, especially with the sun hitting on it.

There are 9 sections to the gardens. Sevres, spanish, french, florentine, stone, japanese, provencal, exotic and rose garden. Each has its own charm. It was beautiful to see how people used the gardens. Some would simply walk around, others would sit on steps and have something to eat. There were people having photo shoots. The Villa is often used for weddings so a lot of engagement and wedding photography goes on there.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving
Love the walkways and stairs leading to different sections of the gardens.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

Now, just imagine for a moment you are walking in your garden and when you look to the right, you see this view!!! Incredible, no?

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

A beautiful alcove with this fountain, tucked away amongst the gardens.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

The exotic garden was one of my favourites. I LOVED these rose succulents.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

It was nice taking off my Birkenstocks and standing in the water to take this photograph.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

Look at these beautiful fish?

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

What fascinates me most is the out of this world vista and greenery surrounding the Villa and gardens.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

Once again, I decided to leave the photography of the inside of the Villa for another day. It’s impossible to do it all in one go. Here’s just a taster of what you’ll find inside.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving

In the summer there’s a wonderful tearoom inside and outside and you’ll also find a book – and gift shop.

Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild 2 - colourliving
The mandatory last photo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the difference between the Villa and gardens in January in the rain and in its full glory in July in full sunshine.

I’m still suffering from the shocking weather we’re experiencing here in London in July and my only consolation is to look at these photos and remind myself of what it felt like to have been there less than a week ago. I hope some of you are having better weather conditions. Have a great weekend.

This post will stay live until Thursday 17th July.


a quick escape to the sun

Hello July. Aren’t you meant to be summer? Aren’t you meant to give us lots of sunshine, BBQ’s and long lingering evenings outside? Well, I got fed up and so I decided to have a last minute quick escape to the sun.

My regular readers will know that for me, a 90 minutes flight to la Côte d’Azur just does that trick and •bang• I find myself in paradise.  There’s something about landing in Nice that washes away any stress I might have brought along with me and like magic, my entire body relaxes with immediate effect and transforms me into holiday mode.

As I sort my photos to bring you a couple of posts to particular spots, here is a little something to cheer up anyone stuck indoors or with less beautiful weather. London has graced us with beautiful sunshine today. Long may it last!

a quick escape to the sun - colourliving
I ask you, how can this view not lift spirits?

a quick escape to the sun - colourliving
Beautiful cacti against the blue sea. Yum!

a quick escape to the sun - colourliving
Everywhere you look you’ll find beauties like these. This here is in Villefranche.

a quick escape to the sun - colourliving
A spot of lunch by the habour is just what the doctor ordered! Preferably a grilled dorade royale (gilt-head bream) or loup de mer (sea bass).

a quick escape to the sun - colourliving
I just LOVE the colours of these houses in the South of France. Those shutters….

a quick escape to the sun - colourliving
Some street art in Villefranche.

a quick escape to the sun - colourliving
Not a fan of tourist places, but hey, you’ve got to admire the opulent building of the Casino Monte Carlo. Took a snap while driving past..

Some of you might remember that when I was in la Côte d’Azur earlier this year I visited the magnificent Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild in complete downpour. Well, I went back this time in the most glorious weather conditions so look out for my next post.

a quick escape to the sun - colourliving
Detail of wall painting in Villa Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild

So, I’m back, fully recharged and rearing to go. How are you all? Any summer plans?